Xenophilia went well overall.

Here are some pictures in case you missed us this time:

Susie Williams. Photo by Kat Mareck.









Jen Kovacs, Scott Combs. Photo by Kat Mare










Extraterrestrial life forms looking at…

Jen Kovacs, Satomi Shikata. Photo by Kat Mareck.

…terrestrial life forms.

Some dude, Scott Combs, Susie Williams, Lisa Natoli. Photo by Kat Mareck.

Laurie Anderson used to be NASA’s official resident artist.  Too bad they cut the budget before we could be hired…



Lynda Sing, Maia Ramnath, Lauren Ferguson, Scott Combs. Photo by Kat Mareck.

Pretty much everybody who heard Niki: “Could you just come over to my house and sing to me all day?”

Rebecca Stronger, Nicole Tourtelot. Photo by Marna Ramnath.



Audience member: “Is she a cat or is she a squirrel?”
Connie Converse: “Up that tree, that sort of a squirrel thing.”
Maia: “She’s a mammal.  An extraterrestrial mammal.”
Audience member: “Whatever she is, she is an exceptional performer.”

Satomi Shikata. Photo by Kat Mareck.


Audience member: “What an exquisite dancer!”

Scott Combs, Lynda Sing. Photo by Kat Mareck.



Audience member: “I loved the performer who was ferociously swinging.”

Rebecca Stronger. Photo by Marna Ramnath


Get ahead of the curve: signs point to the BLOBTARD by Elena Delgado being the must-have wardrobe item for 2012.

Sato, Jen, Scott, Lynda, Lisa. Photo by Kat Mareck.

Susie Williams above; Elena, Scott, Lynda, Lisa, Lauren, Jen below. Photo by Kat Mareck.Lisa Natoli. Photo by Kat Mareck.


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November 10-13 at Theater for the New City

Our statement

connecting nets of dots

Happiest when off the ground, we are always conscious of gravity.

We gravitate toward collaboration because there is lots of stuff we want to make, say and share, and we like to give lots of people the chance to make, say and share stuff.  We are more than the sum of our parts.


60×60 at the Dance Parade:  Tompkins Square Park, May 2011

We gravitate toward multi-disciplinarity because versatility is evolutionarily adaptive.  Each of the mediums we use has certain things it does best and certain faculties it stimulates: verbal, visual, kinetic.  We want to be able to explore all those facets through the most appropriate means.

We gravitate toward collage form because our world is dense with materials both found and newly made that take on enriched meanings by being placed in proximate relationships, stimulating logics both linear and associative, rational and intuitive.  This is what our mindspace looks like.

      channeling Kurt Cobain at The 90s Show: House of Yes, February 2010

We want to stretch conventional aesthetics.
We want to expand the creative possibilities of aerial work.
We strive to apply athleticism, technique and form to the expression of meaningful content.
We want to be in active communication.
We want to fire on all mental and physical cylinders at once.
We think this has to do with being alive.